ASSmtp does not send attachments to IOS Mail devices correctly


In my project I am using ASSmtps to send e-mails from the PLC: I am also attaching files to the e-mail. If I open the e-mail in Outlook everything is fine, if I open the e- mail with my Iphone I do not get the attachments and the e-mail looks as attached.

My program is very similar to the sample in AS Help.

If anyone has an idea how to solve this, I would appreciate it.

Hello Gerald.

Unfortunately it seems that the Community does not have any ideas at the moment for your issue.
We would suggest inquiring with your local support team.

After some internal discussion and a quick Google search, we are unsure if this is even a B&R issue when Outlook does show the
attachment, while iOS doesn’t. There are also some reports online of people having trouble getting attachments shown on iOS.