B&R and Microsoft bring generative AI to automation engineering

When the machines speak our language

This latest blog post explains B&R’s collaboration with Microsoft to bring AI into your Automation Studio project development workflow via the Automation Studio Copilot :rocket:

This powerful new copilot can:

  • Automatically generate new code
  • Optimize and create comments for existing code
  • Answer questions

Check out the full article for more details!


Sounds great.

Is there any way to try this at the moment or is this not released yet?

Yes, we can provide access to a B&R employee to demo this functionality.

We will be performing internal scalability tests in Q1/Q2 and provide internal access to a limited userbase, employees first. If the scalability is proven internally, then we would bring it to our larger-userbase, thus we do not have a finalized customer release date yet.



Thank you for the answer.