Catch the transfer / online change event

Hey Folks,

does someone know how to catch the event that code was changed during runtime on the plc?
I would like to refresh pointer and read/write data to/from user storage after such an event.

Global Vars for example may change their adr after a change during runtime.
I wanted to check the posibility to refresh pointer after the transfer mechanisms (none of these pointer are critical for the motion part).


Global Vars can also change at a warmstart or power fail.
The safest way is to make the pointer cyclically. So in the cylic part of the task (at the top) every cycle. There is some project installation message in the logbook, which you could look at.


Thank you Corne for your input!
It is well received :slight_smile:

I found the RTInfo function block which has some information on what the cause of the init routine call was. That could help to cover my backup/restore data problem (data object handling besides the pointer init).

If you use the default installation settings, the exit routine will be execute before and the init routine after installation (update) of a program. You can use this routine to handle your pointers.