Changing the display format for a snippet in a localizable text

hello everyone,

In the alarm list of MappAlarmx, I declared a alarm ‘Level monitoring’. In the message of the alarm, I displayed the monitored value.

I would like to change the displayed format (1 décimal or Scientific E-representation).

Do you have any tips ?


Hi Jean-Philippe,

It is possible to modify the format of an alarm text snippet using a “format string”. Here is documentation regarding the snippet itself and here is more information on format strings. The examples aren’t showing well in the online help on my end, so this information can also be found in the Automation Studio help file at GUID bfad9774-522a-4d31-9fec-1ab8b15261e3.

This is what you would add to your snippet to switch between decimal and scientific notation:

Hi Marcus,

Thank you for your reply and your help.

I found the GUID you noticed before asking the B&R community for help. The help does not clearly indicate how to use the format string. I tried many combinations of format strings but none worked.

Thank for any help.

As you are using MpAlarmX, you can find samples on how to use the alarm snippets in combination with formats in the MpAlarmX help.
MpAlarmX snippets help

Specifically this screenshot shows an example of using a format string with snippets.

For your level monitoring alarm you automatically have the limit value snippet from the alarm configuration. This can be found on the monitoring alarm page at the bottom. You need to uncollapse the last chapter Adding additional information using text snippets
Monitoring alarm help

A sample text for you could be:

The temperature was too high ({&MonitoredValue|E})

I can also recommend you download the TM270, which is the training manual for the mapp Services training. In there you can also find how to format alarm text snippets and also how to display units for the snippet values.

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Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your help.

As you recommended, I looked through the TM270 and found a few examples.

My first source is B&R help and I think this topic in the help needs to be explained better. (e.g. referring to the training module).

Hi Jean-Philippe @c296854 ,

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