Compound widget local property missing Textlist selector

I am currently creating a compound widget where I want to use the text system for localization.

Because of other functionality I need, I would like to enter the text for a checkbox into a local property and write this value into my target later. The problem with this is, that when configuring my compound widget there is no selector for my textlist entry.
When using a normal Bindable property the selector is there. (See image)

Text1 is a local public property and Text2 is a Bindable property.

I can enter the key manually in both cases and it works fine, but for the sake of usability it would be nice to have the selector for both types of properties.

Is this intended behavior or a bug? And is there some kind of workaround?

Thanks for your ideas.

Hi Tim,

it seems that there is no “Localizable” property for local property.

What I did in such cases is to use an invisible TextInput. You can use TextInput widget as buffer and read out text via GetValue action. Maybe this helps you too.

Hi Simon,
thanks for your answer. You’re right with the “Localizable” property.

But to be honest I don’t get why this attribute exists for bindable properties in the first place. If I set “Localizable” in my bindable property to false I can still manually enter my text key in the property window, just without the selection window. My text still gets localized, I just loose the comfort of selecting it with a separate window.

I would then recommend the B&R Team to look into adding this attribute to local properties, because I personally see no reason for it to not exist.
In the meantime I wil try the workaround from @Simon_Stoll, thank you.