Get feedback when using LoginButton

I am using the Widget LoginButton and some TextInputs to let the user enter the login credentials. This all works fine.
But I would like to display information to the user whether the password is wrong or some other error occured, just like in the Login widget. Is there any way to get that kind of information?


Hi Tim

The LoginButton widget has two events. (TODO post help link → mapp View help currently down)

The AuthentificationFailed event is triggered if the button was pressed, but the credentials were wrong.

The LoginSuccess event is triggered if the button was pressed and the login was successful.

You can e.g. open a message box or set a text to a TextOutput widget in that case.

PS: Usually login pages do not provide information on what went wrong in case of failure, because it is an additional security risk. The old style was maybe, ‘the email does not exist’ if you never registered or ‘wrong password’ if you already did. This should not be done anymore, as it gives the attacker a lot of information. Therefore you can see only the information if a login failed or not.