Greetings from Pennsylvania

Hello to All!

My name is Evan Hixenbaugh. I am a Controls Engineer from Pennsylvania (in the United States). I have been in the industrial automation industry for around three years now (since I graduated from college)

In my day job, I work with AB/Rockwell PLCs, but in my free time outside of work (for my company Hixenbaugh Automation LLC), I am very interested in more advanced hardware and software. I currently have the trial version of Automation Studio v.4.12 and I also purchased a B&R PLC off of eBay (an X20 CP0410 with some I/O).

I look forward to broadening my horizons and being apart of the future of industrial automation software development.

-Evan H


Welcome to the world of B&R, Evan!

So far as I know is ladder and FBD very common in the US especially with AB/Rockwell, but if you are interested in to create more complex software, then you might want to have a look into the ST or C programming language.

Yes, I have done ST programming before on a PLC IDE from a German automation company I will not mention by name :slight_smile:

I have also done C and C++ in my undergraduate education for microcontrollers.