How do I assign a variable in chanels with data types OCTET?

Hello everyone
I’m in the process of an application with Mapp Vision, in the application im reading a QR Code and I want to read my Decoded data in my program. The thing here is the channel for Decoded Data in the Smart Sensor has a Data Type OCTET[255] I´ve been trying to find out how do i assign a variable to this channel and check it in my program but dont have any sucess.
In the image shows the IO Mapping of the sensor and the channel Decoded Data with the data type OCTET.
Do you think it is possible to read it in my program?

Basically you can think that OCTET is a byte. You can use SINT or USINT array to map it.

If you want to use 2 bytes datatype (INT, USINT), you have to half size your array.

Above just general explanation about OCTET, I never try on Mapp Vision yet.

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OCTETS consist of a series of bytes (USINT according to IEC 61131–3)

ex. OCTET[20] = USINT[0…19], array of USINT


Hi Salvador,

you could declared a variable as STRING

And then in the IOMapping you could use as Process Variable