How many data can exOS communicate?

Dear all ,
When I tested the exos communication, I found that I can only create 256 data points in vscode, is the maximum data transfer 256?


B&R Online Help → Communication → exOS → Datamodel limitations

But if you read carefully, seems that there is ways to increase the number data points via structures

> This means, exOS supports 256 unique structure members within a datatype.
(not variables!)


Thank you very much!

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Thats correct @EscuadraLevante ,
the general approach when having to communicate large sets of data would be to use arrays of structures, because these afe transferred in a chunk. the reason for the general limitation is that each variable gets its own ringbuffer in the shared memory with send/receive handshakes, and increasing the number would result in an increasing load. therefore its better to send lrge chunks of data (which is probably what you are after by chunking them up in arrays. cheers.