Is there any way to prevent the CANopen master from issuing the reset communication command?

After my attempts I have found that the PLC master will first send an 8200 on initial startup, and if one of the slaves drops out during the subsequent process it will send a separate 82+ID number. However, I have some special needs in the CAN bus that I don’t want the master to send an 8200 command, is there any way to accomplish this.

Here is the hardware I used and the CAN messages I grabbed, I used the AsCANopen library.

Looking forward to your reply, thanks!



Hello and welcome to our community !

According to my knowledge it is not possible to prevent the master from sending the global reset. The reason is to get a “fresh start” of the whole network.

I am afraid that you would need to write the whole CanOpen communication on your own if you do not want the “reset all” command. This means you either use the Can_Lib or ArCAN library
you do not enter the slave within AS and then use the AsCanopen library

In both cases you need to configure the slave on your own as no EDS is and can be used

Tbh I do not know if anyone in the community offers a application library for CanOpen which allows to use CanOpen slaves but also offers to not send a global reset

Now I know that to reach this customization requirement, I need to develop based on the basic CAN library. Thank you very much for your reply.

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