Stepper motor ramp mode example

Hi Community!

Does anyone have a good example for driving a motor with ramp mode?
I want to run the motor with as little delay as possible between two positions after getting a trigger.

Thanks in advance

The smallest MPGen cycle with Ramp is 5msec. With Module configuration 1

Δs / Δt you can reach smalller cycles, depending on CPU load, X2X,PLK, SDC cycle time settings.

Thank you for the hint - What I read from your reply is that using SDC mode (with MotorStep ds/dt and creating the ramp yourself after reading the trigger) will result in a faster reaction, because the module has an internal “delay” of 5ms for the internal profile generator, when used in ramp mode?

The Target reached (MpGenStatus01) will also be updated every 5msec, and this information has to reach the cpu. With deltaS/deltaT this profile information is calculated faster and in the cpu.