Structured Text - ENUM to String?


for logging purpose i’d like to convert ENUM names to string.
At the moment I do it the most un-elegant way:

CASE step OF
        logStr := 'X_GOTO_POS_REF';

I thought of putting all ENUM names into an Array for quicker access, but thats very confusing when you have to modify it.

Is there a more elegant way?

I have a college which tried this some time ago and did not find an elegant way.

Depending on the usage of this String … VC4, MappView, ArLogger i could think about using the Textsystem to move the Data from the Code to some other source. In this way you can use a Windows Batch to create the Textsystemfile from the .var File entrys. It also enables some additional Language change options. The Batch-File can be added to the Compile of the AS via the Pre-Build Step in the Build Events.

But if you use it in many different Step-Cases it can also grow fast to an un-elegant way.

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Hi Torsten,

with the “PV_” Functions you can get the names of Variables and structure elements
GuID AS-Help 4.12: 5eae961c-cea3-4847-82df-d5b09c26ef22

The problem is, a enum is not a structure of datatypes… so we have to get creative.

The most elegant un-elegant solution I can think of is this:
Create a datatype with a string and a enum_type (your enum-type)

	enum_string_type : 	STRUCT 
		enum_val : enum_test;
		text : STRING[20];
	enum_test : 
		EN_FIRST := 10,
		EN_SECOND := 20,
		EN_THIRD := 25,
		EN_FOURTH := 33

and then a variable as an array of how ever many “steps” your enum has…

	textEnum : ARRAY[0..3] OF enum_string_type;
    i : USINT;
	current_step : STRING[20];

Afterwards you have to copy+paste the text of your enum-name with your enum-value (init-part of task, or in the “.var”-File:

	textEnum[0].enum_val := EN_FIRST;
	textEnum[0].text := 'EN_FIRST';
	textEnum[1].enum_val := EN_SECOND;
	textEnum[1].text := 'EN_SECOND';
	textEnum[2].enum_val := EN_THIRD;
	textEnum[2].text := 'EN_THIRD';
	textEnum[3].enum_val := EN_FOURTH;
	textEnum[3].text := 'EN_FOURTH';

last but not least, you have to write the “currentStep”:

	current_step := 'INVALID STEP';
	FOR i := 0 TO SIZEOF(textEnum)/SIZEOF(textEnum[0])-1 DO
		IF textEnum[i].enum_val = en_test THEN
			current_step := textEnum[i].text;

That way your array does not have to have the same order than your enum.

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If the variable is also activated as on OPC UA variable, this information can be read out with OPC UA client function blocks. This EnumStrings can be reached by adding /0:EnumStrings to the browsepath of this enum variable. I have a sample package, but I have not put it yet on GitHub.

See also following link to AS-Help topic :

Detailed information about data type Enumeration

B&R Online Help (