Using AsUsb to create a file device inside of USB

I am trying to use LibAsUSB sample to read a usb directory. First of all, I can access the root directory after create a file device and get the id to read a usb device. But i cannot get the path of usb (In the fuction block devlink, the variable pparam is a pointer to ‘DEVICE=bd0’, but it is not the real path), so i can’t create a file device of one folder inside of the usb. In my application, i want to save a CSV to a folder in the usb, but i just can save in the root, not in a especific folder. Anyone can help me about it? (Sorry for my english, i can explain better if someone have any question). Thanks


you could try to add the folders name to the file name when using the FileIO functions blocks, please see the following screenshot from the “FileCreate” function block as example (should be usable in that way with all of the FileIO function blocks):

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