Access Old version ACOPOS 1090 with new version of software

Hello All!

I need to access a modification in a servo drive ACOPOS 1090; this is in a old machine, I have the backups however the file extension is *.gdm; I downloaded the software Automation Studio but this is the newer version and is looking for files *.apj, so that’s mean this software is not able to open that project; I didn’t found an older version of this program. my question is, Can I upgrade this program *.gdm to the newest version? or where can I get the old version of this software?; my main issue is the high software limit, I need to change it or dissable it.

Thank in advance

Hello Jhonnatan,

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The project you have is probably an old AS 2.x project. You need to know which version of Automation Studio it was opened in.
To find out, open the .GDM file as text (right-click, Open With > Notepad). Turn on Word Wrap or scroll to the right until you see a version (indicated by the ‘V’), and maybe Automation Studio and the date it was last opened (depending on how old it is).

Fig 1. Example of .GDM project last opened with AS v2.7.0.25.

If the Automation Studio version is greater than v2.5.3, then I’d recommend upgrading to AS v2.7. It is still available from the B&R Website. Link

If it is an older version of AS then you may need to request that version from the local support team. Since you are located in the US, you can email your request to

(Note this is legacy software without current cybersecurity considerations and current OS support. You will need a Windows XP, Vista🤣, or Windows 7 OS to install it under.)