X20cp1382 and acopos 1090

Hi All,

I just started with B&R and I have x20cp1382 controller and ACOPOS 1090 servo drive, I need to test the servo drive by connecting it to PLC by can protocol
I tried to start with Automation Studio but when I select my controller the below error appears
" Selected CPU cannot be used because there is no valid automation runtime installed "
the automation studio version that I use is 4/12/2/93

Any recommendation to solve this and in my topic in general

In AS 4.12 by default there is no AR installed for this old CPU. But you can simply install an older Automation Runtime Version on the new AS and use it.
For the X20CP1382 the Version G4.83 should be the latest. You can download it via AS Upgrade Dialogue or find it here: V4.8 AR Upgrade (G0483_X20CP1382) | B&R Industrial Automation
After you have done this you can create the project.

CP1382 is not automatically provided with AS4.12, so you need filter like this in the upgrades:

Connecting a ACOPOS drive via CAN bus requires a Motion software < V3.10.0, because CAN bus was discontinued with this version.

The newest Motion software version < V3.10.0 is V2.52.7

Thank you so much, I added and that error message disappeared, my next question is, with the evaluation license of automation studio,can I connect the plc to the PC and download the software?

Thanks for your help but what is the difference between G4.83 and f4.83 ,how do I know all these details is there any reference because nothing like this info in the manuals

Hello, an evaluation licence does not have any limitations and can be used for all functions of Automation Studio

For AR versions you can find a so called “Revision history” on our hompage
AR G0483 RevInfo | B&R Industrial Automation (br-automation.com)
This will show all changes between certain versions

I hope that helps

Thank you, but in my current version the upgrade by the website is not active can you send the link to download it and upgrade from the local tab

Do you mean once download this I can access my 1090 servo drive by 4.12 automation studio? and what about the other version of 1090 like 8v1090.00-1 and 8v1090.00-2

can you send the link to download it


For adding the drive to your Automation Studio project follow the steps in this Help chapter:
B&R Online Help (br-automation.com)
The steps are the same for POWERLINK and CAN.

AS 4.12 will only allow you to add 8V1090.00-2 although you might have a 8V1090.00-1, this is OK. The driver checks for the connected hardware and handles it accordingly.
The important thing is to set the interface and node number correctly in the AS project.
After inserting the drive into the AS project, it should look like this:

You might have to insert the motion libraries manually (the “Change runtime versions” dialogue might not work with such old versions).

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