X20CP0291 in newer AS, is it at all possible

I have an older X20CP0291 and just installed latest Automation Studio (4.12).
After upgrading with AS4_HW_X20CP0291 I created a new project and detected the hardware correctly over the network but…
Automation Runtime is missing and I can’t seem to find it anywhere and since I only have a trial license for AS I can not use the automatic download.

So my question(s) are as follows, is it at all possible to use this old CP with a downloadable version of AS, and where do I find the necessary files for HW and AR?

Thanks in advance.

Should still work, but you have to use ‘Show Also Legacy Elements’ on the hardware related dialogs:


So far everything is OK but I get “Selected CPU cannot be used because there is no valid Automation Runtime Version installed”

And I haven’t figured out where to get a AR to download. Search the download page at B&R without any luck, but that could be me :wink:

If I create a new project and detect the hardware (which is correctly detected) I get a “Version Mismatch” dialog which complains about AR: X20PC0291.
The the only viable option to continue with a trial license is to “Ignore Mismatch(es)” but that doesn’t really help.
I have installed AS4_HW_X20CP0291 as a local upgrade but from there I am lost and still no AR available.

Yep, looks this CPU is historic now :frowning:
Just move to AS 4.1.17 which can be used without a license. There is an AR F2.33 integrated.
If you plan to use a B&R control professionally you should consider using a newer control.

I will try your suggestion.
Do you have an idea what a modern replacement of X20CP0291 would be?

the appropriate successors are the ‘Compact-S’ CPUs, e.g. X20CP041x


Th AR (Automation Runtime) is the operating system and must be installed separately from the specific HW module. AS V4.12 still supports this very old HW and AR, but it is not installed by default.

You can install the AR version F2.33 for SGC (System Generation Compact), which is an AR which supports the X20CP0291. As you have the trial license, you need to download the exe from the website and install it in the ‘Local’ tab of the Tools / Upgrades dialog.

Here’s the link to the download:
V4.0 AR Upgrade (F0233_X20SGC) | B&R Industrial Automation (br-automation.com)

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For the X20CP0291 you still get a runtime version in your new AS4.12 in my opinion
Please open “Tools → Upgrades”
Then switch to “Automation Runtime” and filter for “F2.33”

The so called “SGC” is your X20CP0291