CPU x20CP1484 does NOT appear in the Automation studio catalog v


I have a need to create a new project in AS v4.12.2.93 for CPU x20cp1484 (evaluation license).

Why doesn’t my x20cp1484 appear in the hardware catalog to configure manually?

What can I do to create project with AS 4.12.292 (evaluation license) so that it appears in catalog x20cp1484?

It also happens that I try to open the default project “coffee machine” in AS (evaluation license) the following messages appear

When I open the “coffee machine” project the runtime doesn’t work either

The most important thing for me is to be able to manually create a project for x20cp1484 and it does not appear in the hardware catalog.

Any solution or contribution would be very appreciated.



because the X20CP1484 is a legacy hardware, you have to enable legacy products in the hardware catalogue by activating this button first:

After that, the X20CP1484 should be available.

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Hi Julián,

To add on to Alexander’s answer, the popup in your second screenshot means that you don’t have the Automation Runtime version for ARSim, version B4.93 installed. There are two different ways to resolve this:

  1. Click “Ignore Mismatch(s)”. You don’t need to have this upgrade installed in order to open the project, but you will need a valid Automation Runtime version in order to build the project. If there’s no specific reason why you need that exact version, you can select another installed version via the Project → Change Runtime Versions dialog.
  2. You can download that version of Automation Runtime (AR) from the website. You can find AR upgrade files here. Note that AR upgrades are specific to hardware families. AR000 is just the simulation runtime (for ARSim). If you intend to transfer this project to an X20CP1484 you will also need an AR version for that processor

Normally I’d suggest you perform the upgrade via the Tools->Upgrades window (as in your third screenshot). However, with the trial version of Automation Studio, you cannot download update files via the Tools->Upgrades window. You will need to download them from the B&R website and then install them via the Local tab of this window. To do this, I’d recommend saving the upgrades directly to your Downloads folder and then selecting your Downloads folder in the Local tab. You will then be able to select all downloaded upgrades to install at the same time. You don’t need to have a project open in order to do this. But you will need to open the Tools->Upgrades window after the download has been completed, otherwise the upgrade won’t show in the list.

It looks like the most recent AR version released for the X20CP1484 is version V3.09 (released in 2015).


I am a bit lost.
I download B&R ARcp1484 from the website, but when I try to install from tools/updates/Local, I look for my folder and it does not appear, I have to install AR cp 1484 from the windows installer

Any update for a different compo driver, for example cp1584, appears and lets me download from Tools/Updates/Local

But for the cp1484 driver I have to install it directly from the downloads folder, it does not appear in Tools/updates/local.

And an even stranger thing.
I have created a new compact flash card, with a simple project for cp1484, the IP was entered manually. Everything correct, the PLC connects

But when I try to do a search with browsing for targets, I am no longer able to connect to the PLC. I have to force-close AS v.12 to open it again and then I get it to reconnect the cp1484

Why doesn’t browsing targets find my cp1484 driver?

Why do I need to close the project created by forcing me to open it again so that cp1484 (RUN) is detected?

Why doesn’t the update for ARcp1484 appear in Tools/updates/Local?, and yet for other cp1584s it does.

Any help would be well received, I thank you for your knowledge.



looks like you additionally posted this as a new questions to the board. In order to avoid that people try to answer it again, let me link the topics here, since they already got the proper replies:



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