Runtime update 3.0.90 for x20cp1484


It happens that I download from the B&R website the latest update of Automation Runtime 3.0.90 for CPU X20CP1484 (most recent update of 2015).

When I try to install this update from AS v4.12 Tools/updates/Local I see that I cannot install it because it does not exist.

To test something, I perform the same task of downloading the update from the same website, for example, for a different CPU, for example. X20CP1584 and my surprise is that I open AS v4.12 Tools/updates/Local and I see that I can install the Runtime download for that CPU.

Why does Runtime 3.0.90 for X20CP1484 NOT appear in AS v4.12 Tools/Updates/Local? and be able to install it from here.

I force myself to install it directly from the C:/downloads folder
Is something happening because of this?

Grateful for any opinion.


The 3.0.90 does not appear in the AS 4.12 Upgrades menu because it is for Automation Studio 3.X.

With Automation Studio 4.X you need the corresponding 4.X upgrades.

HW Upgrade

AR Upgrade


The V3.0 upgrade can only be installed in AS V3.0.90.
You will need an AR-upgrade listed with AS4.0.
For example:



Thank you for the link and the explanation, this way I’m not mistaken to download and install AR for x20cp1484 and AS v4.12

I suppose the x20cp1484 driver will easily support the ARuntime v4 update?

Thank you for your knowledge.

Hi Julian,

only as additional information to your last question:
the upgrade “only” enables the Automation Runtime 3.x support for the X20CP1484 PLC in Automation Studio 4. But it does not enabling the Automation Runtime(AR) V4 support, because this hardware does not support AR V4.

The upgrade “helps Automation Studio 4 to know Automation Runtime 3 for X20CP1484”, so everything that was/is possible with AR V3.x, can now also be used and transferred with Automation Studio 4.

Best regards!

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