PP420 V 3.6 runtime

Hello. I am using the B&R PP420 CPU. There is no 3.6 version Runtime on the B&R software download site. How can I download it?


You can check required AR version from Automation studio software Upgrade option.
The Upgrades window can be opened by selecting Tools / Upgrades from the main menu.
Check details on:


I think you may refer to AR V3.06 which is supplied with the Installation of AS 3.0.81.
The Upgrade “AS3.0_AR_V0306_PP400.exe” can be found in the Directory “\Setups\AddOn” after unziping the Download.
Because of this circumstance it is asumed that it is always available on an pc after installation and is not provided via the download mechanism.

[Automation Studio V3.0.81 | B&R Industrial Automation](AS 3.0.81 Download )

If you mean an other Upgrade please provide the full information with an “Letter” to indicate a special version.

Thank you, I found it in the Directory “\Setups\AddOn”

I found the V 3.6 runtime, but I can’t find the V 3.0 runtime. How can I find the V 3.0 runtime?
Thank you.

The Version “AS3.0_AR_V0300_PP400.exe” is part of the Installation of AS_3.00.80.0025
Unfortunately this version is no longer in the B&R Download available.

If you have access to a local installation copy, you can get it from there. “\Setups\AddOn”

If you don’t have access you can ask your local B&R Sales to provide it (Standard procedure in such a case), or give me a Personal Message with your Mail contact.

Hello, Michael Bertsch.
Sorry, can’t find the private message feature. This is my mail address.
Thank you.

Hello David huang,
You should get an E-Mail with an Download-Link for “AS3.0_AR_V0300_PP400.exe” via the FTAPI System.

The Personal Message System of the Community can be accessed via the “Profile Picture” in the PopUp there is a “Message”-Button. Maybe there is an other oportunity in the future to use it.

Greetings Michael


I can’t find message button, How can I activate message function?

Thank you.

I will try to clarfiy the details of the Message-System with the moderators. I thought it is available for all members by default.

Is there another way to receive the runtime V3.0 file?
Thank you so much.

I asume you got my mail by now? And you mean other way, than descriped in the upper post…

I do not think that B&R will change the puplic availability of such an “old” version. It will still be available by request to B&R by Sales or Support.

Or did the mail not reachout to you? Checked the Spam…?

I have not received any emails. I couldn’t find them in the spam folder either. Could I receive the runtime at the following email address?
Thank you.

I have added the new Mail address to the FTAPI System. I hope this time it works. - As it is an .exe i can’t send it via Outlook directly.

Thank you so much. It is so helpful to me!

It would be good to have the old versions available as well.
We have a lot of plants in operation with old Automation Studio versions like AS 2.7 which are not easily upradeable, same with AS 3.x Projects with Safe Designer projects.
We even have at least one plant I am aware of running with the B&R Multicontrol (ok, I would not expect to find downloads for Prosys, but at least for all Windows related software).

I noticed a couple weeks aga that the upgrade downloads in AS 2.7 are not working anymore, which makes it pretty complicated to install the AS on a new virtual machine and get it ready for an old AS project.
Why got many downloads removed which were available before?

Hi Michael, I understand your thinking but honestly no one is keeping all old versions of sw installation, upgrades, etc on their webpage. There is a lot of cons and pros for that. Make no sense to discuss it here. But do not worry, you can always ask local B&R office support and they will provide you old version

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I got the Information: To access the Personal Message System, you have to reach the Trust-Level 1 in the Forum. Just keep using the Community to reach this goal.