Forum: Why is it not possible to edit a comment?

I found a typo there in my post which I wanted to correct, but the forum software does not allow to edit it.

Please allow editing of your own posts.

Hi @Michael.Uray

I’m almost certain it has to do with your user level. When I checked your had a Basic user level and I believe Post Edit ability comes with Member.

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I think not, since I am able to edit my post here,

but not the other one which I mentioned before.

There is no edit button available.

I mean at a certain point of user level (admin/moderator…) you can edit posts for sure, but why not allow in general the users to edit their own content which they have posted?

Hi @Michael.Uray!

Marcel is correct in that the time frame in which you can edit your post depends on your trust level:

  • Trust level 0 members can edit their posts for 24 hours (1 day)
  • Trust level 1 members can edit their posts for 7 days (1 week)
  • Trust level 2 and above can edit their posts for 30 days (1 month)

In general, it is best practice to not allow forum posts to be editable forever, hence these limits. These values are configurable, so if we find that they are frequently too restrictive I can make an adjustment. And as you mentioned, if you ever need to edit a post from further in the past, a moderator can help you out - just send a direct message to the “moderators” group :slight_smile:

What is the idea behind that editable for x days feature?
If you find a typo after 1 day, 1 week, one month or even after a year, why not to have the possibility to fix it?
You can actually also see on each post that it got edited and how, so editing is a a very transparent to all users.

Having the ability to edit very old posts could lead to misbehavior, which I will not describe further so as to avoid giving anyone any ideas :wink:

If you have an update to an older post, you should add a reply to the post which includes the update / clarification. Or as mentioned, you can reach out to the moderator team to request an edit. The editing time limits will not be removed.