Browsing for targets cannot find my x20cp1484 controller


It happens that I configure a new project in AS v4.12 for X20CP1484 hardware on a CF card with a new IP in range with the PC, without any task or anything, just the hardware to do tests and add things later.
After creating CF card with reader, I insert my card into CPU X20CP1484 and everything is correct, RUN connects.

But my surprise is when I try in AS v4.12 from online/setting/browsing for targets, my PLC goes to OFFLINE state and does not find my X20CP1484 controller.

In order to connect again in RUN state I need to forcefully close AS v4.12 with the project open, then I run AS v4.12 again with the project that was already open and I observe that this way my PLC is back in RUN

Why is this happening and online/setting/browsing for targets can’t find my controller?

Why does my PLC appear in RUN when I forcefully close AS v4.12 and reopen it?

Any help would be well received.

Greetings, thank you.

Hello Fabian,

have you activated the SNMP in Ethernet configuration?

By default, this option is set to false, hence the hardware would be hidden from search, but it allows you to connect to it if you know the IP (likely the reason that AS 12 connect automatically when reopen).

You may want to recreate this Cfast, but with SNMP activated, then the AS should be able to find it.

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Thank you for the suggestion of the activation of the SNMP, it is something that I did not see relevant, I think that SNMP is to see a remote PLC diagnosis online but I did not know that this was necessary to activate it for it to recognize my PLC already physically connected with ethernet cable, but it costs me nothing I will try it and I will tell you if this works, I have been trying online browsing for targets for days with no result.

I try it and publish it.

Thank you.

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Hi Julian,

only for additional information:

SNMP is deactivated by default for cyber-security reasons - this was done to avoid, that the whole SNMP functionality is accessible in the network without the developer’s “explicit consent”.
More information about cyber-security can be found here:

And here’s the direct link to the advisory about SNMP settings

Best regards!