Download Program to X20CP3484

Dear All,

Need Help.
I’m new with PLC B&R.

I have PLC X20CP3484 with AR V2.95 (used from a OEM).
I like to make a new program for other applications.

I want to ask:

  1. I used Automation Studio version 3.0.81 and installed AS3.0_AR_V0295_X20CP3484, when transferring to the PLC error 8049 (Arcfg module already exists) appears. What’s the solution ?
  2. Can I upgrade AR v2.95 to a higher version? Will it require a license?
  3. Does an AR upgrade require also upgrading the hardware?
  4. Is there a manual documentation on procedures for upgrading AR and PLC hardware?

Thank You.

Hi Rudi,

welcome to the Community!

First of all I have to mention, that Automation Studio 3.0.81 and the X20CP3484 are both legacy systems that are discontinued since many years. That makes it not so easy to provide information like screenshots and so on, because for example I personally don’t have this versions available anymore.
Nevertheless, I’ll try to help in the best way I can!

  1. It’s hard to say why error 8049 happens, maybe because you try to download some system configuration stuff while PLC is in run?
    If you want to start from scratch, I recommend to install the new project once by generating the CF card directly at your PC (CF cardreader is needed!) using “Tools → Create Compact Flash card”… this will write the whole project structure and data offline onto the CF card.
    Please note, that the CF card must only be removed from the PLC if power is off!

  2. the last AR version availiable for AS3.0.81 is V3.08. Yes, it can be upgraded, a new licence isn’t needed. The upgrade for Automation Studio can be found here: V3.0 AR Upgrade (V0308_X20CP3484) | B&R Industrial Automation
    As additional information: the last version of Automation Studio V3 “family” is 3.0.90, last AR version available for X20CP3484 is I3.10 together with Studio 3.0.90.

  3. AR upgrade up to I3.10 doesn’t need a hardware upgrade. Supporting newer AR’s (V4.x, upcoming V6.x) needs an actual PLC also, so in that case a hardware upgrade is needed.

  4. As mentioned, the version of Automation Studio is pretty old. So the best source of information will be the Automation Help that is installed together with Automation Studio (sorry for the screenshot in German, I haven’t installed the english help).

Hope that helps, best regards!

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