Automation Studio 6 Release date

Hi all!
Does anyone have some insight about the new Automation Studio? I’m going to start a big projects in the next weeks, and it could be interesting to use the new Automation Studio, I’m expecting a lot of new utilities and features. But no infos appear in the website, just some strange updates on the download section for “compatibility with AS6”.
If release is imminent I can wait some weeks, otherwise I have to start with old tools.
Thanks everyone!!

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Hi Davide , release is planned for June 2024, but you can ask your local B&R office for AS6 Engineering sample.

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Hi Davide,

as long as you start your project with AS4.12 the Update to AS6 is relatively easy.

Have a look at the help:

some hardware modules and software functionalities are no longer supported, but as long as your project is already 4.12 this should not be an issue

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