Automation Studio <-> PLC connection via Powerlink

Hello B&R Community!

I have a rather interesting (in my opinion) question.
Is it possible to establish a connection with Automation Studio to a PLC over a Powerlink network? The topology is as follows:

PC with Automation Studio <Ethernet> PLC1 with X20IF2181-2 <Powerlink> PLC2.

Is it possible to establish a connection between Automation Studio and PLC2 with this topology?
If so, how could it be done?
Can it be done directly in Automation Studio?
Do we need to write a PVI .NET program to route the connection?

Any input here is greatly appreciated!

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Hi Jens, I think your question is answered here B&R Online Help. With using this gateway you can do it.

I found description from my colleague about routing, check it maybe it will help you as well routing.docx (135.6 KB)


very nice document about the routing setup, thanks for sharing it!!

In addition I want to mention, that this does not only allows a Automation Studio Online-Connection, since it’s IP routing it could also be used for any other TCP/IP or UDP/IP based communication to the controller connected via POWERLINK like SDM, Ping, and so on.

@kovarj Thank you very much! This is exactly what I was looking for!
Really good stuff :slight_smile: