B&R Library's Details

I am working on a project that uses B&R libraries, and I would like to know more about how they work. Is there any way to see the code of these libraries or access their documentation? I have searched online, but I could not find any relevant information.

The source code of the B&R libraries is not disclosed. You can find a description of each B&R library in the Automation Studio help and examples of usage in the toolbox catalog.


in addition to what Stephan already answered, you can find the documentation of the libraries also in the Automation Help online here on the website.

Here is a link where all libraries are listed and linked to the detail documentation of each function / function block, and at the left side in the Online Help, you’re also able to navigate through the different library groups.

For the mapp Services libraries, there’s a own section inside the Help which can be entered here

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