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I am using Mapp-view within the controller(like web server). I have created compound widgets(datatype associated widgets). I have done binding for all the widgets in the content window. But when I call the HMI graphics using google chrome it seems some of the widgets are not working. I have checked that the values are simulating all good for the respective affected widget variables, still the widgets are not reflecting the same.
Renaming the widgets in the content and binding resolves the issue, but when I try to rename all the affected widgets, the other widgets and also some of the corrected widgets starts misbehaving.
I am unable to pin point the issue, kindly help me out here.

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Hello Sham Deep Singh Saini,
Welcome to B&R community, I’d first check the logger with the visualization’s box checked to see if any binding problem is present, maybe some repetitive naming issues present, wrong binding etc.

Also I’d check the the diagnostic page, in the binding page to see if any binding value is not expected.

To open the diagnostic page, you check: Automation help: diagnostic Page

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Dear Wenbo,

Thanks for your prompt response. The logger was very helpful. following are the errors:

I am sure that I am not repeating any names as I have checked using search and the names are progressive like widget 1,2…n.

Following is the diagnostic page:

it is strange that the compound widget which are datatype based, some of the variable are erroneous while some are not. But in an other instance of the same widget not the same variables are erroneous also while other instance of same widget is working fine :thinking:.

Hello, Asham Deep Singh Saini,

what I see here is the existence of multiple “Bad_TooManyMonitoredItems”, which means the request could not be processed, because there too many monitored items in the subscription, and hence the value in the diagnostic page is “NULL”.
I’m going to assume that there quite a big amount of data that is going through OPCUa and to mappView.
You can change disable the unused PV in OPCUa communication, and to change limit of the maximum Items per subscription on configuration

For more information about the Limit: Automation Help: OPC ua Limit

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Thanks for the solution, its working now. :smiley: