mappView HMI variable

I try to create the simplest HMI ever.
A momentary button to activate a reset.
The web server is working the OPCUA is activated and the variable is mapped, but the server/info said the binding value is NULL…

I wonder what i miss.

it sounds like its not the first HMI you are creating…
First simple question: “Has the Variable been used at least once in Application code?”
If not the compile will not create memory for it.

Just an idea… i do not have much expirience with mapp View.

It might be also an idea to go over the Getting Started as there are all steps listed
Getting Started mapp View



did you add evenbinding file to vis config file?

Hey @kovarj that’s my line :rofl: but it could be the binding file too.


I figure it out.
The OPCUA Client of the HMI is programmed to use the default user of “Anonymous”.
If this user is modified/remove in the controller, the communication with the HMI stop working.
I didn’t figure it out how to secure the OPC ( the reason I remove the User Anonymous) HMI Vs. IoT access.

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Thanks for feedback and solution :slight_smile: