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Hi, I want to read the process variables running on X20 PLCs, Automation PCs and I want to show those variables on a HMI running on a PC3100, which software do I need to use, is it PVI Manager or I need a different software.
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Hi Jose @c457930, this question is very general. It is not clear what do you mean by HMI, is it mappView, VC4, 3d party one? Is it sw on PLC already developed or you have project? What type of PLC do you have etc. So proper answer would need better description of your use case. Generally I would recommend to use OPCUA server on PLC side and OPCUA client on HMI side. This is the easiest way from my point of view.

Hi, the HMI will be VC4, I have access to the project running on the PLC, the type of PLC may change it could be a X20CP0483 or a 4PPC50 panel. But I will start testing with OPC UA, thank you for your answer

if is it one project, then variables are visible automatically in data sources. You can then connect them to VC4 and run it as a terminal or on VNC server or…etc.

if you have two projects (two plcs) then using OPCUA communication you can communicate variables from source PLC to PLC with HMI. You can use OPCUA_any for simple data types or AsOpcUac library.

VC4 itself does not support any communication protocol.


Hi Jose and Jaroslav. I want just to add more information to the last message.

In the case you want to communicate two controllers thought OPC UA you can find more information and step by step procedure in this post:

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