Biejer HMI interface with PLC

PLC X20CP1584
HMI Beijer iXT15BR
How to interface PLC with HMI mentioned above in OPC UA protocol

Hi @pradeep.koderi!

It looks like your question might be related to this topic.

After you enable the OPC UA server on the X20CPU, you will need to add an OPC UA Default view to your project. This file is where you identify which variables in the project will be enabled on the OPC UA server, which the client (HMI) will then be able to see.

To add the OPC UA Default view, go to the Configuration View:


Expand “Connectivity”, then click on “OpcUA”. Then from the toolbox, double click on “OPC UA Default View File” to get that added to your OpcUA folder:

Open up this file and then enable your variables on OPC UA as needed. Further details about how to use this file are available in the Help here.

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