Can I create two separate OpcUa files for my two clients?


It is possible to use any number of OpcUa default view files (.uad). These will be combined during compilation of the project.

The OPC UA items defined in the Connectivity\OpcUA folder of a configuration are grouped in module. The name of the .br module is derived from the name of the OPC UA default view. If there are multiple OPC UA default view files, the name of the first file in the folder is used for naming.

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Thanks, but my question is:

I am communicating with two clients with my PLC (serover); one is my HMI, and the other is a Scada device. So the problem is that I have enabled tags in my.uad file that are necessary for HMI, but I don’t want Scada to access all those tags. So is there any way I can create another.uad file only for the Scada device and assign any IP or any other setting so that the Scada device only accesses those tags?

In this case you can use either a single file or two separate files uad files.

You need to use authentication and set separate roles with separate permissions to be able to define separate access rights.

Automation Help: OPC UA Authorization


Thank you Tommi :+1: