CAN open communication using X20CS1070


I have to implement CAN open communication with third party using X20CS1070 which is connected to X20CP1586 PLC.
My question is if it is possible to use “AsCANopen” library for this application, because looking in help I can find is suggestions to use CAN libraries like “ArCAN” or “CAN_Lib”, but not CAN open.
Also which function model would be best for this application?

Hello Andrius,

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The X20CS1070 won’t work for you in case you need to implement a CANopen communication between the B&R PLC and a 3rd party device. There are other CPUs that are already equiped with a CAN interface with the possibility to enable CANopen capabilities.

In your case, the X20CP1586 has an available free slot where you can place X20IF modules. For CANopen there is the X20IF1041-1 (master) and X20IF1043-1 (slave).

Other than using one of those modules, using this CPU model I am pretty sure that you won’t be able to implement it in any other way.


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You may have a look into this Thread. There was a library Posted which can be used in this case.


Cool! I was not aware of that library! :smiley: