Check if any BOOL in a 3D array of BOOLs is true in ladder logic

Let’s say I had a variable called “alarms”, with the data-type BOOL[5,5]. Is there a function block that can check every BOOL in that 3D array and return a TRUE if any of them are TRUE?

I specifically want to do this in ladder logic. I understand that this can easily be done with a custom function block in libraries, but I’m curious if this can already be done with the function blocks AS comes with.


Hello @c589717 JackLin,

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If you don’t need to know which alarm is true, you can use a simple brsmemcmp function to compare against 0 to determine if any values are true. brsmemcmp will indicate if there is a difference between IN1 and IN2. By comparing against a constant of false of the same size (125 x FALSE), the brsmemcmp will indicate if there are any true values, the only other value possible for BOOL. The DINT_TO_BOOL is there to provide a usable BOOL value with the answer.

An example ladder rung is below. NO_ALARMS is a constant of the same type as AlarmArray, 125(FALSE).

AS Help Links:
brsmemcmp - B&R Online Help (
DINT_TO_BOOL - B&R Online Help (


Dear JackLin,

directly a function block, is from my understanding not needed.
I understood that you want to check if any variable of the array has the value “TRUE”.

A fast, but maybe not the prettiest, solution would be the usage of the OR-Link.
Simply make each variable a contact and set them in parallel.

Simple logic structures - B&R online help

that’s right. But in case of 1000 alarms he would need 1000 ORs.
So Austin’s solution looks very nice to me !

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Definitly, i’d say aswell that the provided solution from @austin.carpenter is the proper one.
(Especially with bigger arrays)

I would go even a step further and would capsulate the solution into a own made function block. Then i can re-use the solution multiple times.


Oh wow, that’s interesting. This isn’t a very aesthetic solution, but alas I gotta avoid structure text wherever possible for this project this might be the best I got. Thank you Austin

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And here the last but not least variant, which gives you also the Index of the First found Alarm. Creating a loop in LD and go over the Array. Create an Exit if one TRUE was found.


I did it only for a one Dimension, but you can extend it with an second Loop.

It spares the additional Compare Memory in comparison to the first proposed solution. But it is less readable.


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Oh nice, you’re looping ladder logic like structure text lol. Unfortunately my goal here is to base this logic off of an AB template, so readability from a ladder-logic point of view is my top priority. The first solution wasn’t pretty but it did it in one line, so I find that preferable. I didn’t know about the “jump” and “return” functions though, I’ll keep that in mind

Honestly I would prefer something like this:


and program the whole thing in ST: (1.8 KB)