Connecting to IO-Link sensor with X20DS438A

Hello all,

please I need bit of help. I am trying to connect to the new SICK W10 photoelectric sensor. I have downloaded the IODD files and added it via DTM Configurator. Then I added the IO-Link module to the X20DS438A module connected to X20BC0073 Bus Controller. The controller is connected via CAN communication to the 4ppc30.0702-23B CPU. The Error I am getting when I right click the IO-Link SICK sensor (in Physical View) → Additional functions → Connect is: “An error occurred within DTM device ‘CommDTM’ (Automation Runtime internal error. Internal error code:37545).”. My question is, is this even possible to increase the “Asynchron payload” somewhere when I am using CAN Bus controller?
I am attaching screenshot of Physical View with opened IO-Link module configuration after “connecting” to it.

Sorry, if this is dumb question, I am not very experienced with IO-Link.

Thanks a lot for any help. If needed, i can attach required files.

Filip Urbánek

Do you have the DTM server enabled in the CPU configuration? It is required for online diagnostics and monitoring of DTM devices.

Automation Help: CPU properties - DTM server

Might also be possible that the Online functions of DTM devices are not supported through CAN but I am not 100% certain about this.

Hello Tommi,

yes I do have DTM server enabled in CPU Config.