Creating .chm Files for Libraries


once upon a time, there was a Tool called Documentation Studio (I think) with that, it was a little easier to create your own little Help-File, callable by pressing “F1” in your Project. But now I cant find it anywere on the B&R Homepage…

Is there any way to get it?

The only thing I found isa PDF describing creating a *.cfm file:


I’ll check if I can provide it.

I’ve work a year ago on a generator of .chm files for user library.
I used hhc.exe program to generate them. I get it from HelpNDoc software.

It’s a python project with a self made library parser and a generator of :

  • html file, based on AS Help
  • Index .hhk .hhp .hhc files

It’s not finished and a bit hardcoded for design of page.

Don’t hesitate if you have an interest I will maybe share it on github

Example of final result :