Difference between Changing "Page" vs Changing "Content"

Hi everyone,

I would like to know the differences between a Page change and a Content change in mappView. Is there any advantage of using one over another?

If we pre-cache a piece of content, does it work for page change too?


Hi Samuel,

the way I see it, you can have multiple contents whithin a page, not the other way around.

So changing a page possibly means, changing multiple contents (whithin the respective pages)

For example:
You have 2 pages with 10 contents each, 9 of those contents are the same. By changing from one page to another, you need to load all 10 contents. It would be better to only change the one content that needs changing/reloading without changing the page…

But to answer your question: Im not sure if there is a difference between page and content change. I think in the backend, it is all a change of one or more contents…

Since precaching is done in the Element it has nothing to do with pages. And also, it is “just” precaching, that means the initial loading of the content.
After that initial load of the content the changes between contents is not really faster because of that. At least I think it works like that

I think this two pages in AS Help can help you understand differences. Here is flowchart how page change is handled B&R Online Help and here is flowchart how content is activated B&R Online Help. As a short summary. Loading of the content is faster than complete page change. More complex page is more difference you will see.

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Thanks Stefan and Jaroslav.

The help flowchart really helps.