Can anyone suggest me, how to fix this alarm…?

Hi Sandeep,

It seems there are some variables defined in multiple places.

Are you converting a project developed with an older Automation Studio to AS 4.12?

If this is the case, since AS4.12 it is not allowed to have the same name for an Enumerator element in a user library and in a component of a Function or FB defined in any library.

AS Help mentions that Enumerators have to use unique names in their corresponding scope:

Enumerations (enumerators)

Enumerations (enumerators) must be unique within the respective scope.

This means it is not possible, for example, for two different global color types to define the color red. The user must prevent such conflicts by choosing suitable names. However, it is possible to define two different color types with the color red in local type declarations.

Source: Scope of data types

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Hi @xabier.zaldua

I’ve checked, there are no repeating tags in multiple place…

we are creating new project in AS4.12.

Can you suggest what to do further.

Can you try updating your GCC version to V6.3.0 and then rebuild?
To do so, go to Project → Change Runtime Versions. Then switch to the Build tab and update the version:


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