Error during transfer - "no such file or directory" in Automation Studio 4.12

Hi! What can I do about this error? When i want transfer my program i have error. Everything worked before. I didn’t change anything. [enter image description here (

I tried to reinstall, installed on another computer. Open new project with out sth - only with program (ST program all in one).

Can you try saving the project to a different location with a shorter folder path and see if the error persists? For example, C:\Projects

I’ve tried it on two different drives. Even on the other computer. Still not working :frowning:

@110699 it looks like you have a fullstop in your file path (a.out). Try to remove this or use underscore (a_out) instead?

Are you able to build a brand new, empty project? This would help us to identify if the problem is related to the AS installation or just this specific project.

The problem was the wrong version of the compiler. Topic can be closed.