Error Text File In Alternative Languages

The majority of our code utilizes VC4 and all of our code uses APC10. We display error text on VC4 by using MC_BR_GetAxisError using the acp10etxen data object. This method has proven useful, but the acp10 error table is only supplied in English and German.

Is there a way to create error text for other languages? The acp10etxen.ett file only has the error numbers, but it doesn’t have any text.

Hi Curtis @c213227
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I haven’t actually tried modifying the acp10 error table texts in a long time and it looks like how the system operates has changed.
You are correct that the *.ett file only contains numbers but they reference the error numbers from a different file containing the text.

The text file on the right can be found under the installed AS versions Technology Packages libraries in my case C:\BrAutomation\AS412\AS\TechnologyPackages\Acp10Arnc0\5.17.1\Library\Acp10man\V5.17.1

Just to double check if that’s the file the error text is coming from I would modify a common / easy to trigger error and see if the modified text is displayed. The text file should be under the project library as well otherwise you have to reimport the library so that the error text file is updated.

If that works you may be able the duplicate the ett and txt files for your desired language. I think they are identified by the language code.

This is just a suggestion I really don’t know if it works or if their are other files and hocks that make this work but I think it’s worth to explore.

Thanks Marcel!

This is what I was looking for. I didn’t know which file they were pointing to.

I did a quick test with success.

1 - Copy/Rename file C:\BrAutomation\AS412\AS\TechnologyPackages\Acp10Arnc0\5.17.1\Library\Acp10man\V5.24.1
2 - Update Error text for new file
3 - Create a new ACP10 error text file in AS and rename
4 - Open file in explorer, edit language to ‘fr’. Not clear but I assume this needs to match the naming convention after the - in the file name created in step 1.
5 - Trigger error.

Awesome Curtis, thanks for sharing the test results!