Event next week: Community Hero WANTED!


Our next community event will be a Community Hero wanted!, and it will take place next two weeks!

Become Our Community Hero!

:star2: Community Hero Wanted! :star2:

Are you ready to shine and become the star of our community? Then you’re exactly who we’re looking for! Join our exclusive event, Community Hero Wanted!, and seize the opportunity to showcase your talents while earning fantastic rewards.

What does a Community Hero look like?

  • Creates new topics: Have ideas and aren’t afraid to ask/share them? Bring fresh thoughts and stimulating discussions to the table.
  • Actively answers questions: Be the go-to person, always ready to help and provide valuable insights.
  • Writes articles Share Info and Ideas: Have something to say? Your articles can inspire and inform our entire community.

What’s happening over the next two weeks?

  • Everyone starts at zero – this means a level playing field for all!
  • Earn points for every activity: starting new topics, providing answers, and especially writing articles which will earn double points during this period.

Rewards for our Heroes: We have special rewards for the top three Community Heroes – a limited edition series of badges:


These exclusive badges will be awarded to those who become the pillars of our community and can be used as a title as well.

So, what are you waiting for? You have two weeks to become our Community Hero. Help, inspire, create, and win!

Will you be our next Community Hero? Join us now and show us what you’ve got!