Font issue while building a project

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I am using Automation Studio 4.9 and while building a project (origin from an operating lab machine) I encounter the following Error:
“Can’t find Font Small Fonts. Ensure that this font is installed correctly. 7143”
The Font Face that are configured in “Small” Fonts are similar to the Fonts that are configured in other Fonts.
On the PC that exist on the lab machine with the same Automation Studio version(4.9) the Error does not exist(while building the project).

Can you advise a solution for this issue?


the error 7143 means, that the used font is not available in the OS, see here.

VC4 uses the ttf’s installed into Windows, and if a ttf used in a project is not available in the Windows Installation, you have to add that font manually, for example with the Windows control panel app “Font Settings”.

I’m not 100% sure, but I assume it’s the Arial Unicode font that’s missing, because as I remember this font needs a license ans isn’t delivered with Windows by default.

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I’m not

Please make sure, that the used fonts are installed systemwide and not just locally for your user.

Thank you for the answers.
Arial and Ariel Unicode are installed at my OS (Windows 10 pro) for all users.
Arial Font is also configured in many other Font groups but the Error note only regarding “Small Fonts”.
If I change the Font Face to other Font face I encounter the same Error regarding “Small Fonts”.
The error can be related to the languages English/Chinese ?

Hi Evgeni,

can you please share the whole text output in “Output Results” with “Warnings” and “Messages” activated?

There should be then additional information about which TTFs are linked, maybe you can see then which font is causing the issue? Please see the following screenshot as a example which information could be helpful.

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Arial Unicode is no longer installed with Windows by default since Windows 7. You have to manually install Arial Unicode to use that font.

Alternatively, you can select a different font that supports Chinese/Japanese Kanji.

Microsoft JhengHei is one font, but you can press the Windows key and then search for Fonts and browse your installed fonts for ones that support Chinese Kanji. Then other people working on your project will not have to install a new font.

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This topic was resolved by reinstalling fonts in OS.