Software Accessibility

Is Automation Studio conform to any accessibility standards like ADA in US or BGG / BITV in Germany or WAD (EU Directive 2016/2102) in Europe.
Thank you fot any advice you can give me.

Hello Patrizio,

Welcome to the B&R community, and thank you for your active engagement by making the first post.

I sent you a private message to learn more background on this topic at private level. Once I understand the background situation, I can reach out to my B&R colleagues and provide you the needed answer wihtin next 1-2 weeks.

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Following discussions with @patrizio.spinozzi via private messaging, I learned that their request pertains to the acquisition of software for an educational institution and the specific needs involved.

The Automation Studio’s accessibility features, Tools>Options, which allow users to modify fonts, foreground/background colors, and font sizes for various components of different editor windows, appear to meet their requirements. However, an official response is needed to conclude this request.

Therefore, I have recommended that they reach out to the local support team for assistance, and I will be supporting the local team in adressing the support request.