Get OPC UA Server Hierarchy dynamically with library AsOpcUaC

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know a way to get the object/node structure of the opc ua server with the library AsOpcUac?


I should be able to determine at runtime that Root has objects Aliases, Application and that Application has components active_limiter and active_pid_parameter set etc…


The only elements known are the IP and port number of the OPC UA Server and the namespace index.

I thought about using the UA_NodeGetInfo over a defined range of NodeIds in a for loop but the FB gives me back the NodeClass but not the information if it has childs.

The returned BrowseName is also not helpful.

Thanks in advance for the support

I think this is only possible with the UA_Browse function block from the new AsOpcUac library (Release 1.1), which is available with AR/AS 6.0.


Thanks Corne! I will try out with the AS 6.0 Engineering Sample

Hi @filipe.costa, please let us known the result. :slight_smile: