Glass windows in Sceneviewer 4

Hello, I’m doing a simulation with SceneViewer 4 and Automation Studio of my system and I wanna know if it’s possible to create a material which have transparency?

you may try to use the Workspace Object, it has a Setting for Opacity.
It is meant to mark an Area for the user. The context must not be Workspace spezific.




Thanks for your answer. It’s working but I wanna add a piece of information in my question. Is it possible to change the oppacity on an imported object?

i don’t know how to do it for imported Parts, as there is no option Setting for it.
Maybe another community Member has an idea.

I think, if you have a good descriptive use-Case you can write it to a formless Word-File and send it to your local Sales Contact. They can then check if a Product-Request can be placed.


Hi Florent,

Yes you can sort of and not in a normal sense of opacity. You can make the object see through by removing the outer faces. How much you will be able to see depends on the object itself.
The image below shows a simple conveyor element and by setting the Property > Cull face to 2 it makes it see through.
I know it’s not exactly what you want but maybe it does the trick.