Hint: Save AS online communication settings to project

Hello everyone,

My customer was looking for an advice if is possible to save his communication settings in AS->Online->Settings with a project so he does not need to set them on every engineer’s laptop or also to GIT so the changes in one laptop are applied for everyone who is working with a project, when using GIT.

Maybe this hint is obvious for someone but a lot of people do not know it.


  1. At first, in Online Settings you have to display a column “Store to project”
    (right click on columns → Columns → Store to project)
  2. Then tick the check mark
  3. Set parameters for your connection which you need (in “Extra CPU Settings” columns or in separate-parameters columns)
  4. Parameters are now saved into Project.apj file

If you set the same parameter in “Extra CPU Settings” column and also in “separate-parameter column”, then the setting from “Extra CPU Settings” is saved into .apj file
Extra CPU Settings: /RT=5000
Response timeout: 10 000
Project.apj =>/RT=5000