How to bind several opc ua variables to a widget button?

Hi all,
I have not yet found a solution to map one source opc ua variable to serveral target opc ua variables.
The event binding system provides a variety of events and reactions as an alternative to direct binding, but these are not helpful.

Are there other possibilities?

not shure if I understood your usecase in a right way.
But please be aware, that it is not intended to use OPC UA Variables in a MappView Binding as a Target (see AS Help OPC UA variables must be used exclusively as source. This means that a target of type opcUa is not permitted!).
Becasue of this there is the Binding Option "OneWayToSource (see AS Help Binding modes).
Maybe you could describe your usecas in some words- maybe there is a possibility to solve that in a other way

Hi Urs,

Perhaps you are looking for the list binding. This binding allows you to select the source from a list of values (such as OPC UA variables) and then bind that to a target in mapp View (such as the button widget).

If this is not what you are looking for, can you please describe your use case in more detail?

If you want the button press to activate several different OCP-UA tags at the same time, without using the event system, you could define a in session variable, and bind this to the button, and then in turn use that variable as for as many one way bindings to different OPC-UA tags, with binding mode “oneWayToSource” as mentioned by @wagner2a .

Hi @c005286 - do any of these tips help you achieve your goal? If not, can you please provide us with some more details?