How to configure the buttons on the 7140 mobile panel


For a project i need to configure the keys on a 7140 mobile Panel. Neither the B&R Website nor the usermanual are giving me enought information to do so. Also all the tools i can download on the website seem not to support the 7140 mobile panel. Could someone give me a hint on how i can change my key configuration ?

There is OPCUA server integrated. So you can access buttons from any OPCUA client. Or new hwx file supports I/O mapping as well.

Hello Alan,

The keys are preconfigured from the factory.

The user manual states this and also gives you the default factory configuration. These can then be used as keyboard events in mapp View for example.

And as Jaroslav mentioned one option is to get them via to OPC UA server on the panel. If you are using VNC mode the keys can be read with the RFB extensions.

Thx Jaroslav, just for completition i like to add the Picture and Link to help. :slight_smile:

Numbers of the Keys on the Panel


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hey, thank you for the reply. i did create an globle variable and bound them to one of the keys. But after compiling and sending it to the x20 i do not get any response from the key, means the variable doesnt change its value. can someone tell me where i do the mistake?

thx in advance

What way did you use? IO mapping? Do you have OPCUA enabled? anything in the logger?

yes, im using IO mapping. have OPCUA enabeld. when i run my project i dont get any response from the key in the logger

If Iā€™m not mistaken IO mapping is using internally OPCUA connection from plc to mobile panel. Mobile panel should not be on service page (OPCUA server is not running in this case) so you should go out of service page. If OPCUA connection is not established, moduleOK is FALSE (what is your state?) and I would expect communication error in Logger (activate communication module for that).