How to convert a USB Storage Drive with exFAT to FAT32 for USB Software Installation on a B&R target


Some USB sticks do not support the FAT32 filesystem, as shown in the image below. However, the FAT32 file format is necessary for USB Software Installation on a B&R target.



Users can format USB drives with FAT32 by using the format command in PowerShell or Command Prompt because the command uses the same syntax in both tools.
Replace D: with whatever drive letter you want to format. Keep in mind, it can take a long time to format a storage medium this way.
Depending on your user rights, you may have to open the command prompt or powershell as an administator.


Users could use third-party software like FAT32-Format to change the filesystem to FAT32.


I like to use diskpart for that. The advantage is that you can wipe drives, create partitions and so on.

Dont use the inbuilt windows FAT32 formatter. There are literally no USB-Sticks that don’t support FAT32… For whatever reason Windows thinks that only USBs that have less or equal than 32GB can be formatted to FAT32, which is not true. FAT32 only limits file size to 2.1gb.

And another thing:
The Cmd line and powershell inbuilt FAT32 formatter is extremely slow, takes like 100+ times as long as others. And it does not work for USBs > 32GB.

I do recommend option 2 mentioned by Varad though, works very well and is super fast. I format my DJ USBs to FAT32 quite often with that one as well even though they are 64/128GB.

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The file size limit is actually 4 GB for FAT32.

So far as I understand is the 32 GB limit from Windows also in place by using diskpart.
Do you limit the USB sticks partition size to 32 GB if you use sticks which are larger than that?