AsUSB library support for USB flash disks in Bergaplast PLCs

AsUSB library support for USB flash disks in PLCs

Problem Description:

  1. how large can support how large capacity of the USB flash drive, is there a limit?

  2. the latest version of the hardware and software version, whether it supports the commonly used exFAT, NTFS format of the U disk.

  3. USB flash drive use support hot swap? Will hot plugging and unplugging cause any damage to the PLC?


please see the help for the AsUSB library
B&R Online Help (

Basically FAT12, 16 and 32 are supported. This Filesystems then also limit the size of the USB Sticks which (If I remember correctly) is 2 Terabyte for FAT32)
Also our PLCs do support hotswap but please note that writing to the stick and disconnecting it will cause damaged files or even a damaged file system on the stick.

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