How to read PLC serial number by use Program?

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I found I can use BR_GetHardwareInfo to read message about motion Axis,

Do we have some function block to read serial number of PLC?

Select your PLC in physical view and use IO mapping. There is serial number of CPU, maybe this is what you are looking for?

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Here is a screenshot to show Jaroslav’s solution, for visual aid:


Please note, for the full serial number, you will need to include the Module ID from the IO mapping as well. The module ID should be included before the SerialNumber component to establish the entire serial number. The method is described here:
Serial Number
Please note also that the Module ID may need to be converted into a hexadecimal number before being added to the serial component. More information can be found here:
Module ID


You could use AsIOAccRead() as well to read serial numbers from the modules, if you set pChannelName to “SerialNumber” and pDeviceName to a string with the device name you want to read from (e.g. “SL1.SS1.IF3.ST2”).