HTML controls for visualisation

Hi Community,

I see that mapp-view controls are using HTML5 technologies. Is there any way how I can add my developed web-based controls to the Automation Studio page for the visualisation screen development purposes?

With current Automation Studio possibility you can only use existing Widgets in MappView.

Have a look at this post from Andrej Kolmanic. Widget Development Kit
I think the WDTC is the way to go for HTML Developer, to create new Widgets.

There is also the possibility to use the Webserver of Automation Runtime instead of mappView. In this case you have to write the whole Visualisation in HTML.



Jop, A Widget development kit worth trying :slight_smile: but you need AS6 for that.

Hi,Jaroslav, How can I apply to use the AS6.0?

Hi Jay, engineering sample is already available. But I think you have to ask local office for that. Or wait for official release, which will be available in couple of weeks.